Portret drawing

If you are looking for a work of art, then you might want to think about portrait drawing. And when you think of portrait drawing or portrait painting, you automatically come to us. Since childhood, we have built up an enormous passion for creating, drawing and painting. You can see it in our unique artwork, because all our drawings and paintings are unique in character. You will certainly not see our artworks everywhere, and that makes it extra special. And for the price, you do not have to leave it at all. Because the prices we charge are very friendly.

We prefer to work with fineliners, watercolor and ink.
Especially when it comes to portrait drawing, we particularly like to use tools such as fineliners, watercolors and ink. With these tools we can work very precisely. Moreover, these tools are excellent for achieving a certain degree of softness. For us, at least, they are perfect tools. And that even in more than one way.

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We have chosen the woman as our central theme

We have chosen women as the main character in our range of portrait drawing. By clicking on buy prints, you will immediately get an overview of the works of art we have to offer. The selection is impressive. In portraying the women, we always try to portray them as strong, connected and fearless. To keep our minds fresh and for inspiration, we like to retreat into nature. We see nature as a source of strength and as a form of gentle beauty.
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No two portrait drawings are alike

No two portrait drawings are alike. The focus is indeed on the woman, but each time in a different way. Beautiful examples are the Brazilian girl portrait and the girl with the lipstick and the girl in the sunlight. The red-haired woman is also worthy of attention. The works of art are special and also very friendly priced. For that reason, everyone can find a piece of art perfect for him or her. You can easily order the portraits through the webshop and get your artwork delivered quickly to your home. If you want to be kept up to date about the artworks we create, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. In this way you won’t miss out.
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